Reboot: Create Custom Tags

Tags are the tool we use to bring items up out of storage (the Organize section) at the appropriate time.  If we use tags properly, we do not have to scroll through the whole Organize section to find relevant notes.

By design, tags allow us to consistently apply certain attributes to our notes.  They even allow us to include a visual clue, such as a dot or a color.  Unfortunately, OneNote tags cannot be included in the search field. This means we cannot use them in simple Boolean expressions, such as “To Do” notes that are also “Project XYZ”.  This is a probably OneNote’s biggest weakness, but we can work around it fairly effectively.

I recommend starting with the following custom tags:

  • 032-Next
  • 036-Waiting
  • 921-Tally

The numbers are simply a way to be sure the Tags Summary list the tags in the same order every time.  These tags are part of two groups I use: 000-Actions, and 900-Misc.

The numbering in front of the tag keeps the tagged items in order when I use the “Find Tags” option to create a Tags Summary.  You can use whatever numbers work for you, but as I will explain in a different post, these numbers work well for me.

The “tally” tag is for checklists, to show that I have completed an item.  You can use the default “To Do” that comes standard in OneNote.  I have some reasons which I will cover in a future post on why I do not.

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