Reboot: Bringing it Together

With all of the pieces in place, here is the general flow of information:

Get an idea, thought, email or call – Forward the item or make a note in Capture. Go back to what I was doing before.

First thing in the morning, and at opportune times during the day, review the Capture section.  Use the header to classify the item by Project, Company, and Contact.  Identify any action items, adding a due date.  Move the item to Organize.

Also in the morning, start planning out the day.  Create a Work Journal in the Engage section.  Fill out the header and list out today’s goals – what you’d like to accomplish today.

Review the tagged items tagged for anything that should be added to today’s Goals.  Review complex items to break them down into manageable tasks.

With today’s goals identified, select an item to work on and move it to Engage.  Add a link on today’s Work Journal to the item, to make a clean list of what was worked during the day.

At the end of the day, review the items in Engage to ensure they are properly tagged and move all items to Organize.

Now, go home knowing that you have accomplished tasks that matter.

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