Review Reminders

Evernote has a built in “Reminders” functionality.  We are somewhat replicating that functionality here, and using the !Daily task of 40-Review Reminders to trigger a regular view of deadlines and milestones.

As noted before, it helps to set your system date preferences for YYYY-MM-DD.  Doing this allows sorting the reminder tags, 6-Waiting, by due date.


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Any action item that is waiting on external action should be prefixed with a date to trigger follow up.  Using Cntl+Alt+D inserts today’s date, which can easily be edited to the expected follow up date. For example:

  • 2016-05-18 Request decision on Dandy entries

This line is then tagged with 6-Waiting, so that it shows up in the tag list. Note that the YYYY-MM-DD format brings the current reminders to the top of the list when sorted.  This gives a quick view of what is due today, as well as for the next few days.


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